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My regular posts will return, I promise. In fact, I've got a few entries cued up, but I have just been quite busy with coursework and training. Stuff should settle down by the weekend. I had a great class this evening. You may recall that I mentioned that I was preparing for my promotional exam, which takes place this weekend. It's hard to believe that it has been 18months since I earned my 1st degree black belt. The enthusiasm and focus has returned, I am really amped about my training. Still, the excitement does pale in comparison to the preparation and coronation of the 1st Dan. I spoke with one of my instructors regarding the more subdued approach to the 2nd Dan testing.

Essentially, he made the following analogy: He compared two shallow streams of water, which from a distance appear to be equal in depth. However, you really don't know how deep the water is until you wade in it. I imagine that I'm doing a pretty poor job of paraphrasing and articulating his point. Basically, he was explaining the fact that the martial arts are a continuous life experience. Thus, it is natural to go through periods shallowness and depth. The desire for higher learning will usually create a balance during these times of uncertainty.

Well, after last night I feel invigorated and very prepared for the Saturday exam. As is customary, I do plan to capture the experience, and share it with you at a later date.

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