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Yes, I know we've not yet clinched we clinched today. Taking 2 of 3 in New England this weekend was not necessary to secure the AL East and 98th consecutive divisional title. It will also likely end the fantasy that Bosox have experienced over the last 300+ days. The sputtering Indians kept Bosox in the hunt for post season play. It's very likely that Boston will again knock on the door in Bx to decide who will win the AL Pennant.

The only change I'd make to the lineup would be to move Mussina down in the pitching rotation. I'm not sure how healthy he really is now. It also is a shame that Mendoza hasn't had the opportunity to pitch more. Not sure why Torre hasn't run him out there to get more innings. I suspect that he isn't quite healthy. Our PH capability isn't very much to write home about, much like our long relief. Unfortunately, we can't hand the ball to Aaron Small for long relief each day. Our starters will be expected to give 6-7 innings each game during the post season. » The Chosen 25

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