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Getting ready for postseason

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Yes, I know we've not yet clinched we clinched today. Taking 2 of 3 in New England this weekend was not necessary to secure the AL East and 98th consecutive divisional title. It will also likely end the fantasy that Bosox have experienced over the last 300+ days. The sputtering Indians kept Bosox in the hunt for post season play. It's very likely that Boston will again knock on the door in Bx to decide who will win the AL Pennant.

The only change I'd make to the lineup would be to move Mussina down in the pitching rotation. I'm not sure how healthy he really is now. It also is a shame that Mendoza hasn't had the opportunity to pitch more. Not sure why Torre hasn't run him out there to get more innings. I suspect that he isn't quite healthy. Our PH capability isn't very much to write home about, much like our long relief. Unfortunately, we can't hand the ball to Aaron Small for long relief each day. Our starters will be expected to give 6-7 innings each game during the post season. » The Chosen 25

Stifling copyright

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I'm not sure if anyone will really understand the ramifications of overly aggressive copyright. Methinks, 20yrs is far too long to prevent works from going into the public domain. In most cases, books older than 20yrs are so obscure, it would to the author good to have them digitized and indexed by Google's powerful Linux servers. Hell, it will boost the sales of some of these supposed lost titles, as most people are more likely to read the printed text. E-books really haven't captured the imagination of the masses yet.

90% Crud: Google vs. Book Monopolists

From the reuse department

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Have you ever wondered happened to the 5.25" floppy that has become depricated? Did they end up in land fills? Some of them probably did, but the article below illustrates are very clever method to make use of those old guys. Now if I could just get my hands on a stack...

Boing Boing: 5.25" floppies make great CD sleeves


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I've decided to use Feedburner to manage my feeds. Please note the changes on right side navigation menu.. Please update your newsreaders accordingly.

Treo ecstasy

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Lately, I have begun to really appreciate having purchased the Treo 600. Granted I'm using a somewhat dated model, as the Treo 650 is already on the street, but I just wanted to share my delight. Besides, I paid roughly a third of the cost for the unlocked phone, so I got huge savings. You've got to realize that prior to getting this powerful smartphone, I limped along with a Samsung N400. The features on my old phone pale in comparison to the Treo. Before I get into the features, I want to share this little story... I went into Rat Shack err, I mean Radio Shack to pick up an CD adapter (2.5mm to 3.5mm female), so that I can listen to mp3, ogg, files stored on the Treo (more on this later). I was expounding on some of the coolness of the Treo with one of my buddies (he's saddled with a Pocket PC), we go back on forth about which device is better. We're always challenging each other.. It's like can yours do this? You get the idea.

Just then cashier shoots me a look and utters, "I'm not a fan of the Treo." I asked, "Why not ?" She then pulled out her 'clamshell' style cell phone, opened and then closed it. She sneered, "Can yours do this ?" I smiled at her purchased my stuff and left. I thought to myself, "She is pathetic."

Obviously, the Treo doesn't fold. However, I believe that is probably the only feature, (if you choose to call it that) I don't possess.

Church musings

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I have never been a church attendee, the reasons are numerous. I'll get into them later in this post. I do recall being a child/teenager, and being forced to attend. Well, I should not say forced, I was expected to behave as my Southern relatives. That is, all of them went to church each Sunday. So, if they graciously permitted me to stay with them during the Summer, as I escaped from the streets of NY, I had better conform to their rituals. As I grew older, I began to respectfully question the routine. Later I would travel the world and experience different cultures, and really understand some of the problems caused by religion or its mininterpretation. These days I only enter a church or chapel when a wedding is underway(I've never attended a funeral).

No said date

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Don't look now but the Bombers are in the heat of a pennant race. I was very pessemistic due to their slow start, but I'm sure that team in New England can hear footsteps, and their record shows it. The emergence of Giambi, Big Unit, A-Rod, and Cano (pictured above) is enough to scare anyone. Enough can't be said about the former castaways Chacon and Small.
These guys have done a yeoman's effort shoring up a pitching rotation beset with injuries. Between them they have at least ten quality starts which has thrusted the Bx Bombers into playoff contention. Of course the very steady closer duo of Gordon and Rivera have made it impossible for opponents to score in the eighth and ninth innings.

I'm very confident that the last three games against the Bosox will determine the AL East winner. I can't determine exactly when we will claim first place, but the victory will be sweet and the revenge exacting.

VOIP galore

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Is it just me or has there suddenly been an outbreak of interest in VOIP clients for the mainstream?
You've got Skype, Google-Talk, Gizmo Project, and for the GNU headz, you have the super cool Gnomemeeting.

I suppose that before you can begin to have an appreciation of the technology, one must understand the origins of the simple IM clients. Yes, I was an early adopter of this stuff. Heck, before people fell in love with the GUI, people used text based IRC which was essentially one of the earliest real-time chat software pkgs(circa 1992). If you want to take it a step further, you could argue that the talk utility that is ubiquitous to most UNIX and Unix-like operating systems predated IRC. It gave people the ability to have unimpeded 1-on-1 conversations. Yep, it was pretty cool to be able to connect immediately to your buddy and have a short conversation.

Digital Fallacy?

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So, what has happened to the promise of the ubiquitous digital home? It appears that the hype has not been realized in most households. As the article below suggests, the average user is unaware of the vision of the new digital arena.
While vendors like M$, Apple, and others struggle for dominance over this space, smart consumers are wondering how to avoid the dreaded vendor lock-in.

The author fails to mention how Open source can level the playing and give the consumer choice over how their dollars are spent. Heck TIVO (which is powered by Linux) has become the killer-app that has the cable providers giants (ie Time Warner) scrambling to find other means to reclaim the lost advertising revenue.

I suppose it remains to be seen whether or not the digital experience will be widespread through the average household.

The digital home | Science fiction? |

CVS to the rescue

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Although, I don't typically frequent CVS stores; however, they are as common as dandelion in most major cities. These are the types of stories that the mainstream press should share with everyone.

I'm sure that they lost a great deal of revenue, but it will certainly galvanize themselves as a terrific corporate citizen. Public perception is extremely powerful and should bode well for this growing pharmacy/convenience chain.

A stark contrast to Wal-Mart, huh..

CVS decides to stay put, help recovery - The Boston Globe

Handheld Server

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Innovation of Open Source vendors never ceases to amaze. I find it very interesting that 20 yrs ago people asked, "How do you make money from free (as in beer) software?"

Now it appears that there a literally thousands of ways to make money from Linux and other Open Source projects.

Granted that anyone who has been working w/Linux for any substantial length of time could build their own server, I do think the product is pretty slick anyway.

RED HERRING | Linux Server Fits in Pocket

Disparity of wealth spells certain doom

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While there is probably enough blame to go around, and far too much finger pointing. The sad truth is that if we learn nothing else about the Katrina tradegy and subsequent Home Land Security debacle, America still has a very big socio-economic divide. I would argue that it is perhaps more evident in the South. Our economy is in dire straits and it seems that the gap between the 'haves and have-nots' is clearly widening. While our government officials enjoy a lavish vacations and shoppingsprees, I often wonder who will solve the problem. The working poor are in serious trouble.

On a brighter note, I just returned from a local evacuee center. Although my offerings of laundry detergent were quite meager, considering the hundreds of families which are being hosted in Detroit, I mention it here to perhaps make the point that any contribution is much needed.

Bonus: If anyone is interested, take a look at the new NO satellite image. Pre and post Katrina. Quite sobering

Ejovi Nuwere » What we want to think

Infotainment innovation

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Finally, there is actually something innovative in the auto infotainment market.

I'd love to think that Ford had something to do about this, but I'm sure that this is absolutely not the case.

Mazda Ditches Cylinder Locks in Favor of USB Key

Flag Party

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As I stated in an earlier post, I spent a couple of weeks at home. During the time I was in the BK , I read a powerful book, watched Yankee baseball, and even got a chance to eat a pretty good Haitian restaurant (thx Edwige).

Additionally, I also got a chance to see my pops off on his first trip overseas in nearly 15yrs. He'll be visiting Amsterdam and Israel. If I weren't suffering through grad school, I would've joined him.

Perhaps the highlight of my stay (secretly the real reason I went home), was Eastern P'kwy jaunt, or West Indian Carnival. Leading up to the parade, there are many night parties. I got a chance to hit Club Tobago in Qns. Nuff calypso and reggae for the whole night. I'd forgotten about the wining skills of the yard girls dem. Anyway, about the parade..

I've been to several parades on the p'kwy, and each year there are many more Jamaican floats loaded with choice dancehall celebs (ie Beenie Man, Shinehead, Mr. Vegas, Capleton, Sizzla, etc.), but this year was different. There must have been four or five Haitian floats, which had a fairly large contingency. In fact, the Trini floats did not seem to have very much fanfare this year.

The float shown in the caption above vowed to donate any winnings to the Katrina disaster relief effort in La.

Google - The empire

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I'm sure most of you are already familiar with the power of Google. I consider the search engine a ubiquitous tool, that I could scarcely imagine doing without. However, Google has many other very cool tools which most people have not yet discovered(ie. Gmail, Google-Talk, Google Maps, Froogle, etc). The article below attempts to compare Google's growth with that Redmond company that I love to hate.

For the record, I do not worry about the rapid growth of Google, because their success is based upon Open Source technologies, which do not lend themselves to vendor lock-in.

PBS | I, Cringely . August 25, 2005 - Has Google Peaked?

Block Parties

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Street festivals are part of the many attractions that make NYC quite different than other cities. As a young child and teenager, I always looked forward to the Atlantic Antic or the Labor Day parade(more on this in a future post).

I always enjoyed crush of the people and the delicious food and unique sights and sounds.
People would always have their sound 'equipment' on the street with police barracades. The private block parties dwindled in the early to mid-90's due police permits and a bit of gun play.

So, whenever I do get a glimpse of private block party, I get hit with a bit of nostalgia.
Good vibes..

Block Parties, Street Fairs, Street Festivals (Gotham Gazette. August, 2005)

Actually, I had other material to share with you, but as I have been home enjoying myself. I have also taken a walk down memory lane too. More on this later. However, I am compelled to comment on the devastation, and what I classify as poor and despicable media coverage of the events in New Orleans. As most of you have already witnessed, there is a great deal of poverty in the rural sections of NO. What I find disturbing is the constant images of the looting and pillaging. Naturally, they paint the image of poor blacks on a rampage. What is NOT told is the story of destitude and hopelessness of a people with no way out. Personally, I would do whatever is necessary to feed my family. If I thought I could make money of a flat screen TV, it would be under my arm with a quickness. The reality here is that no calvary was on the way to help anyone in the rural communities or the inner-city.

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