Extreme Calesthetics- Revisited

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As I prepare for the 2nd Dan exam in October, I'm taking every opportunity to train. Now that I'm home again, I decided to pay another visit to Pure Energy dojang. I was pleased that head instructor(Sa Bahm Nim), Tessa Gordon, and one of the other Dan members remembered my earlier visit. Very grateful for the opportunity to learn with them again.

I was told that we would have a light class, as many of her regular students take vacation in August.
Actually, I thought that I'd arrived late, as I recalled a 6.30p start. Unlike the first session, I decided not eat before class. I've learned that is always a wise choice. The session really was not any different from the previous one. The only exercise that we did not perform was jump rope. I probably did about 90 pushups, 100 kicks, and assortment of other body building exercises. I'm clear that if I were a regular student, that I would absolutely be in the best shape of my life. My abs would be ripped, triceps well-defined etc. Although, I also believe that Sa Bahm Nim has flashbacks from the 1988 Olympics.
I do look forward to training with them again very soon.

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