Multiculturalism - The Panacea

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In the wake of the terrorist activities in London, critics have blamed the British government for permitting segregation. Some argue that by allowing 'ghettos' to form it tends to foster the sort of behavior that would lead to terrorism. While I know very little about England (aside from the fact that they were leaders of colonialism and imperialism), I can say that the US is filled with ghettos of all ethnicites. However, excluding the Oklahoma City tradegy, it is rare to see US citizens embrace terrorism and attack fellow Americans.

To be even more specific, I've seen the hoods (various cities across the US) where hopelessness has taken its toll. I have never witnessed black folks taking up explosives and demolishing buildings, etc. (aside:Make no mistake, the South Central episode were riots touched off by a grossly unjust legal system, but it was not terrorism. They are not the same. ) In the US., it is not uncommon for ethnic minoriites to live in close knit communities. This is due in large part to socio-economic conditions. So, I'm not sure that I would agree with the author, as he believes that gov'ts should force all its citizens to conform to the national norm (ie everyone should learn to speak the native language/customs, etc.). Who will enforce such a law? Would law enforcement randomly go out and find illegal aliens, and force them to learn the language? Sounds like a military state to me. If the US adopted these policies, it would create too many problems.

In my mind, multiculturalism, is not about assimilation, but more about people respecting the differences of others.
Methinks the author takes a myopic view of cultural differences. Additionally, it would set a very dangerous precedent if we began to harbor contempt for people simply because they are not indigenous to the local area. Multiculturalism: Nurturing the Enemy

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