Batman Begins

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While I was in Chi, I peeped the IMAX Batman Begins. Allow me to share my thoughts. Although, I'm not really a DC comics buff, I did appreciate the production effort. The cast was also top notch (Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, etc). Very capable storyline. Without giving away the film, the darkness or the sinister plot was done very well. You could really see the struggles or the humanistic qualities of the superhero. However, if you try to compare the cinematography or plot to say, Spiderman, I think you would agree that the Marvel Comics and Stan Lee are superior. Perhaps I'm a bit biased since, I have always been a huge Marvel Comicsfan.

Curiously, I didn't see any lead-in for the Boy Wonder nor Batgirl. So, if there is a sequel, it would probably focus on the arch enemies of Batman.

Go see the flick, you will enjoy it.

BTW: I'll be heading home to NYC in the next couple days, so if you want to meetup, drop me an email.

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