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I spent the part of my afternoon waiting for my flight to LGA, I have always been fascinated with the odd people you see. For instance, some random sista with locks sat down across from me. I glanced her direction wondering what she was about, I didn't find her especially pleasing to the eye, so I again buried my head in my book.

In a matter of a few minutes, she began to talk to herself. No she didn't have a bluetooth device or anything that resembled headset. She was just mumbling. I'm thinking, "Here we go... ". I again bury my head in the book. Later she makes a call to her mother, telling her how afraid she was of the weird people in the airport. She uttered some unsavoury stuff about Arabs and Jews. She kept repeating the fact that she was so scared, and had never been so frightened about a plane flight in her life. I believe she was a bit unstable, as she thought some people looked like terrorists. The b-o-m-b word was used in this conversation to moms. I thought, damn I home Mom has got it together so that she can calm her daughter.

At that moment, a white lady made eye contact with me, as if to say, "what's wrong with you people?" I fashioned a slight grin, as if to say,"Don't ever look at me like that again", and buried my head in my book. The sista kept on talking about her fear, but then something even more unusual occured. Random white lady with children two children in tow, young toddler and perhaps a five-year old, sat down next to the distressed sista. It became obvious that the toddler needed to be changed, as the woman began to remove the soiled diaper. Just at that moment the sista began to play with the little toddler while mommy removed changed the little rascal.. Mommy didn't seem worried or intimidated in slightest. Hell, she may have even been Jewish ;)
Whatever happened.. The sista was totally calmed down. She was very content to play with the toddler and the other child. I believe she even asked to hold the toddler. I think this is where mom decided that it would be better to have Dad assist.

Isn't it funny how random acts of kindness can help soothe. That was my lesson learned from that episode. I then buried my head in my book.

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