What is a diva?

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This phrase seems to be used rather loosely these days. Apparently, all women cannot be divas, although, they might wish to adorn themselves with that moniker. Is a diva a female with great expectations, lots of attitude, and high maintenance? Someone please educate me. Perhaps more specifically, I should ask what a diva is not?
Case in point, I met random female at a gathering some weeks ago. After I had some grub and a few drinks, we had what I would classify, as a generic conversation.

For instance:

AG: Hi, how are you?
RF: I'm fine, is this your first time attending?
AG: No, I've been a few times earlier.
RF: Where are you from?
AG: BK..

You get the idea, later the inevitable "Where did you go to school ?" She mentioned that she was a graduate of an HBCU, I replied likewise, and we discovered that we had some synergies. The entire conversation lasted roughly 30-45min. I took her digits, and bounced as I had to finish writing a paper for class.

A few days later, we talked again to discuss some business possibilities, coupled with more generic conversation. Again this dialogue lasted for about 15-20min. So, that following weekend I called RF, to follow-up on the chat we had earlier in the week. I explained that I'm not much on phone conversations, as I preferred email or face-to-face discussion. She indicated the opposite, "I spend so much time looking at a computer at work..." You probably can figure out the rest. Actually, I wasn't really surprised by the response, as I've heard it all too often. Not a problem, I explained that I _must_ use computer as I enjoy it immensely, and it allows me to secure residual income. Because we did not know each other, I begin to rehash some of the idle chat that we began earlier in the week. Now this is when the conversation became shall we say, 'odd'. Unintentionally, I confused her industry (ie Mktg vs. Finance), and she really seemed pissed. Hell, in my mind I thought I was pretty close. Especially, considering the fact that we just met last week. I barely know the broad. She mentioned more than once that she couldn't understand why my memory was so poor. Initially, I dismissed it. However, she made it a point to repeat her displeasure. So, I realized that that I had two choices: a) Diffuse the tension with my off-color humor/sarcasm b) Ignore the complaints, derail the conversation, burn the bridge, retreat and run like hell.

I chose the former, and gosh the discussion took a turn for the worse. RF began to interview me with vigor. "What kind of man are you?" She asked.. My retort, I am all man, traditional man. I call the shots. In truth, I also stated that I understand that women help guide men in making the correct decisions. Somehow, we got into the conversation about expectations in relationships etc.. She indicated that she was prissy, high maintenance, and independent.
I thought 1 outta 3 ain't bad. Independence is a good thing. I joked w/her about prissy women in a short email. Later I learned that she found it offensive. In general, I avoid high maintencance females like the plague, as I find them to be very needy. Stress isn't something I need at this point. I vigorously seek to reduce unwanted aggravation, as it takes years off your life. Who knows how many years I've got left. Life is too damn short.

I'm usually quite blunt w/my honesty. Often I find that people simply aren't appreciative nor do they understand the intent. She then asked about my expectations when dating. I told her, that costs and expenses should be shared. Don't expect that the guy should dig deep at every venue, especially when both people make their own money.
Not a very unreasonable request. She added that I was contradictary, in that 'traditional' men seldom expect ladies to pay for anything. I told her that I was the exception. Now there was silence.. Apparently the interview was over.

At this point, I realized that there was no chance to extract anything meaningful from our interaction. I really don't expect to hear from RF anymore, and it's probably best for both of us.

Is that divalicious? Nah, not hardly. Nevertheless, I could be wrong, but I don't think so.

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