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Are you down with OPE? Yeah, I know what the hell is he talking about now. Well let me do some explaining. Recently I scolded(albeit lightly) one of my friends regarding her use of 'Other Peoples E-mail'. I suppose one could go back to days when e-mail was a novelty (circa 1994) and people who weren't computer saavy still spent most of their time putting their thoughts on paper and writing letters. So, when non-technical folks, first discovered email, it was a medium for sending out chain letters and other trash that had very little use to anyone. Well fast foreward to the new millenium, and we still have people that would rather send out thoughts of others than their own. Not sure why this is so common. Perhaps its the relative ease at which you can click a button and send out the junk to sprawling mailing list of people. Maybe it's simply due to the fact it is so much easier to _not_ write any of your own thoughts and use that of others. Employing this strategy one could say, "I didn't write it, don't shoot me, shoot the messenger." I have often run into situations where someone was let's say compelled to respond to the entire list of people which originated from OPE.

So you end up with e-mail from people you don't know and subject matter that you really don't care to read. Another scenario is that the 'payload' of the message is approx 5MB in size. Granted there is probably a 50/50 split of broadband users to dial-up users. I discussed this idea in an earlier post. However, server disk space is also a consideration, in that huge attachments tend to play havoc with your inbox. It's not cool to rec'v OPE in place of some more meaningful e-mail. Still there are people who use dial-up. These folks get it the worst, they simply can't download anything and wind-up simply shutting down their modem.

What is one to do? You could simply delete messages from said person. Blacklisting also works well. Because most of you know me to be one who chooses to educate rather than simply disregard folks. If I care for you at all, I'll ask you about your choice of material, and beg you for an original thought. Yes, my honesty usually gets me into trouble, but I can't fake it. I'm real like that. If I didn't love you, I'd simply ignore you.

These days I sometimes cringe at giving out my e-mail address to random headz, as I strongly resist spam of all dimensions. Oh well, it probably will never end, but I feel so much better now.

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