Dilated pupils

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I have been contemplating LASIK surgery to correct my near-sighted condition. Yeah, I know it's all vanity, but it would be nice to finally rid myself of eyeglasses. Not sure if would take strokes off my golf game or improve my admittedly diminishing basketball skills, it will be cool to have 20/20 vision.

This past weekend was spent completing pre-op surgery. As part of the procedure, you're required to get your pupils dilated. Essentially, you get a few drops and roughly 10 minutes later you cannot read anything up close. It had been close to four years since I had my pupils dilated, the drops irritaged my eyes a great deal. One of the lab assistants jokingly told me to 'Man up !'. Wow, she was fortunate that I do have a sense of humor. The Ophthalmologist told me that I was a good candidate for the surgery, and that I had an adequate sized cornea, so the laser could cut the required flap without effecting my vision. The alternative would have been a relatively more complicated and painful PRK procedure that is offered to patients who don't qualify for LASIK.

After I suffered driving home under the glare of an overcast sky, I went back to sleep for a couple of hours. After my eyes regained focus, I began to do a bit of schoolwork.

Later, I finally got an opportunity to ride my bike. Actually, it had been probably ten years since I last rode a bike. It's amazing how cautious one becomes as you advance in age. I was actually leary about crossing a busy street. At age 15-22, I would've jetted across the street without any regard for 'so-called' safety. Very different times now.

Surgery is set for July 31st, you know I'll share the details.

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