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Last couple of weeks have been fairly productive. As usual, I have a mountain of coursework to accomplish. Spent most of last weekend writing a Systems Architecture paper. However, I did find time to purchase a bike, plant flowers, and address an assortment of errands too.

I'll plant the remainder of my Day Lillies and Hostas today. Hmmm. Maybe I'll even ride my bike tomorrow. This will only happen if I can get most of my homework done and resolve a very perplexing computer hardware problem.
It appears that my SMP setup has a corrupted CPU cache. Now the BIOS is feeding erroneous data to my Linux kernel. I can at least boot my box now, but the system is still crippled and not running at full efficency. I turned off the CPU caching within my BIOS, and this promptly broke SMP. Luckily, the system is fairly stable with one CPU.
Not entirely sure if my motherboard is failing or the BIOS is corrupted. One certainty is that I've never had problems from any ASUS hardware, so I'm inclined to believe the hardware is fine.

Next I plan to make a few changes to LILO, and turn off the pci based ACPI calls, thus the kernel will ignore the BIOS request for this CPU information.

For those who are interested, I made a few minor changes to the blog front page. I finally broke down and added a link to my linked-in professional social network profile. Some of you have asked about getting at me via IM, you'll see the AIM link too.

I also plan to fix a few blog templates which broke during my upgrade to MT 3.0.
Productivity is a good thing. You should try it ;)

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