Perceptions are evil

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Why is it that employee productivity is often measured against the time one arrives to the office?
Is this actually true measure of the worth of an individual? In my mind, there really is little correlation between the two.
It is mindboggling to run a business based upon your feelings or perceptions of others. If your staff is getting the job done and paying attention to detail, why be concerned that they all come into the office at the same time. Methinks that it is really ridiculous to walk the aisles checking to see who is at their desks and who is not. People have different working behaviours. It is what makes people unique. One of the problems with the culuture of some very old companies, is that they talk a great deal about work-life balance, but they simply do not walk the walk. The problem here is that the supervision walk around scared, and are then forced to police their subordinates. Not a very healthy atmosphere. Why not focus on the deliverables? Is this not reason that people are hired in the first place? I imagine it is very different for people that punch a timeclock, as they typically are not salaried workers. Hence, they are paid for every minute they work. Obviously, people make a personal choice when opting to punch a time clock. Not something that I'd ever want.

I would love to be able to work from home once a week. Quite frankly, there are meetings that are totally useless. The only reason we're asked to support them is to avoid getting additional assignments. Pretty silly, huh..
I suppose that self-employment has many benefits, specifically the idea of escaping ridiculous office politics.
Surely, it can not be any worse.

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