Mexican Prez makes disparaging remarks

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Not clear what Mexican prez, Vincent Fox had in mind when he uttered, "Mexicans will do the job that not even blacks wanted to do." Fox was called to task by Jesse Jackson.

The reality is that I too have heard this point of view uttered by other people. Although, I must admit I have never heard it mentioned by another Mexican.
Obviously, it lumps African-Americans and Mexicans to the bottom of the food chain. So, it definitely wasn't very flattering to say the least.

What I have observed is that many Mexicans will undertake jobs that are usually considered blue-collar. For instance, carpentry, carpet laying, etc. Most are very skillful and especially keen on finishing the job quickly.

In general most immigrants take advantage of so-called labor intensive jobs that most people would rather avoid. I suppose that would make most Americans lazy? Clearly I do not have all the answers.

BBC NEWS | Fox meets US civil rights leader

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