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Participated in my second tournament in as many years. The outcome was far less enjoyable this time around. I suspect this was purely do to the very talented martial artists that I competed against. I was placed in the seniors division for the forms competition, where I placed fourth. The only problem here is that there were only four contestants. Nonetheless, I came away with 4th place medal. I got an opportunity to speak with one of the judges (4th Dan), he insisted that there was nothing wrong with my Bassai Hyung, he had hoped that I would use more focus and slow down to emphasize the beauty within the Hyung. True indeed, when done correctly Bassai, one of our cobra forms is quite beautiful to witness. Perhaps I'll let you be the judge, I may share a portion of my form for your viewing pleasure.

Well, I certainly know what the judges are expecting, so I am certain that I will do much better the next time.
My luck did not improve during the sparring competition. I opted out of the seniors division, as I wanted to face tougher competition. In retrospect, I probably would have been better off staying with the geriatrics :)

I was matched against the eventual winner of the heavyweight bracket. He defeated me 4-1. I was reprimanded for excessive head contact, luckily I did not suffer a point deduction. Each tournament has different rules, I knew going into Boliard's tournament , that hand-to-head contact was not permitted. Only kicks to the head are allowed. One of my favorite weapons is my backfist. I can launch it from different angles, typically catching my opponent in blindspots. Making contact to the temple, is not dangerous when head gear is worn. My strategy was to take a warning, so the opponent would be subconscious about the illegal headshot, and instinctively giving me an opening to the body. To my surprise, the scheme backfired, as my opponent was faster. He caught me with a spinning back kick to the midsection, as I aggressively pursued him. We talked afterwards, he explained that he was competing as a tune-up for tournament in Europe. Unfortunately, I did not accumulate enough points to continue to the winner bracket.

Some good lessons learned, I am very glad that I decided to compete. It is very true that one must struggle to make progress. Martial Arts can be quite humbly, but it is great for the spirit. I am clear that with attention to detail and some patience I can improve, particularly with the forms. Sparring will require much more time, and I'll have to find a partner that is much better than I, so that I will be forced to use all of my tools (hands and feet). Certainly I will need to gain more flexibility at the hip and pelvic areas, so that I can open up on the kicking techniques. I suppose it's a race against time..

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