Evolution vs. Creationism

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The never ending debate has taken on epic proportions in the state of Kansas, as its school board struggles to change the definition of science in Kansas..

Because I consider myself to be a technologist, I have strong opinions on this topic. Feelings aside, I believe students should be permitted to use reasoning an critical thought to surmise a hypothesis. It is inappropriate for a school board to enforce their opionions on impressionable students. Who elected these people judge and jury? Please help me understand the morality behind this hard-line stance.

Morever, I always thought church and state were to forever remain separate for the good of humankind. Actually this story could set an ugly precedent, if the school board is permitted to go forward without being checked.

No this isn't Alice in Wonderland, and it certainly isn't the type of fairytale that I wish to see played out in my lifetime.

Blogcritics.org: Kansas school board endlessly debates evolution.

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