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Spent the better part of the morning talking to a very informed salesperson. Thus far I have visited two stores, Roll Models and Planet Cycle. It has been at least a decade since I owned a bicycle. Back in the days I used to ride a Fuji ten-speed. These days, it would be called a obsolete touring bike. I was totally amazed by the advancement in technology. Hand grip shifters, disc brakes, comfort mountain and hybrids. One constant remains, as every bike within my price point were manufactured in China. I am not at all surprised that all of the bikes made in the US, are priced at $600.00 and up. Not very competitive.

Regarding some of the differences between the various types of bikes.
Touring bikes - very skinny wheels and handle bars which resemble rams horns. Much like you would see on the
Tour De France. Riding position is slumped forward to reduce drag. They are designed to be used for extreme distance trips on pavement. Nothing more.

Hybrid - Wider wheels than touring bikes, more aggressive gear shifter, simpler flat handle bar, and upright riding position. Better seat construction. Not designed for very aggressive off-road riding.

Comfort Mountain - Widest wheels of the three, comfortable seat, flat handle bar complete with gear click or wrist shifter. Upright riding position.

I am more likely to go with the hybrid, as I wish to be able to hit a moderate trail if I so desire. I have no desire to perform four foot drops or hit the stone trails. Gravel is probably the most I wish to challenge. The majority of my riding will be done on pavement.

Nonetheless, I have narrowed my search to three manufacturers, Giant Sedonia, Raleigh and Diamonback. These bike manufacturers provide decent hardware within my $350 - $450 budget. Very sturdy aluminum frames, with solid hub and decent gear sets. Mind you, I am not a bicycle connossieur, but I do want to make sure that I have purchase hardware that will last for many years to come. I am also considering bike rack for my vehicle too.

My decision will be made by next weekend. I'll provide an update at that time.

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