Best Hip-Hop albums Ever ?

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As part of Hip-Hop appreciation week, it appears that everyone is compiling their list of the best albums of all time.

I disagreed with the list that was published in the article. So I came up with my own, which is shown below.
There is a strong distinction between best meaning 'commercial' success and 'best' meaning most consequential to the Hip-Hop culture.

I speak of best only in terms of the impact the artist's work had on the culture.

Peep my list:

1 - Eric B & Rakim (Paid in Full)
2 - Wu Tang - (36 Chambers)
3 - BDP - ( Criminal Minded)
4- Biggie - (Ready to Die)
5- GZA - ( Liquid Swords)
6 - Gangstarr - (Hard to Earn)
7 - Nas - (Illmatic)
8 - Mos Def & Talib Kweli - (BlackStar)
9 - Tribe Called Quest - (Low End Theory)
10 - Dre & Snoop - (Chronic)

Best Hip-Hop Albums Ever

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  • Martial Arts
  • Phife's Life with Diabetes
  • Making of a trebuchet - revisited
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