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Experienced my first Linux/Sci-Fi trade show in Detroit-Metro area. Penguiconwas very different from LWCE and ALE conferences that I have witnessed in years past. The obvious difference is that there were no vendors. I also surmised that there weren't that many people travelling in from beyond the 100 mile radius. Apparently these differences make for a smaller audience, and perhaps a more enthusiast vibe. Moreover, there were a huge number of Sci-Fi fans, in fact, I believe that they significantly outnumbered the computer nerds.

I met Joe P, one of the GNOME/Beagle developers. He assured me that Beagle was superior to Google's desktop indexing tool.
Although, I have never really enjoyed compiling GNOME packages on a Slackware box, but I'll try my hand at compiling and installing Beagle. It really appears to be a very cool project.

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