NAACP Career Day

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Supported another career day for NAACP. Previous years, I supported my alumni , Ford Product Development, and this year DAPCEP. Actually, I had made a conscious effort to support fewer outreach efforts, as I have decided to focus more on self. Especially, due in part to very time consuming graduate school coursework, and my aggressive wealth accumulation strategies.

Nonetheless, I was very glad that I decided to attend this event. Most of the students, whom I spoke with were in need of mentoring. As I visually surveyed the nearby booths, it became clear that there was a dearth of 'black males' positioned at the other booths. I seem to recall greater numbers of students in previous years. Not sure why there was a noticeable drop in attendance.

Some of the conversation among the adults was also quite interesting. Invariably, when I attend events that expose me to native Detroiters, I usually ask them, "What has become of your city?"or "What will be the future of this city?"

Yes, I do understand that I am now a resident and taxpayer of Detroit, but I am not a product of this city. However, I am investing in the future of this place (i.e rehabbing depressed homes), as my tax dollars are being used to help a decaying infrastructure stay afloat.

It seems that everyone agrees that the once powerful manufacturing base that made Detroit a technology leader, is now gone forever. I suppose the obvious question now, is "What will be the city's next compelling value proposition?" I don't believe anyone has the answer to that question.

What is certain, the high school students that I conversed with today, will be faced with a huge undertaking. Are they equipped to effect change? Only time will tell..

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