Petrol Crisis

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Drastic times calls for drastic measures. I know my Tri-State area family are probably grinning now. Everybody in the wilderness of the Midwest are struggling with these ridiculous gas prices. It really is criminal. If I had a rifle, I'd go looking for Bush and his oil cronies. It appears gas prices will reach an apex of $3.50 this summer. I was too young to understand the impact of the 70's gas crisis, but I understand people got knocked over the head for petrol.

Could it happen again?? You'd better believe it. It really sucks not having access to mass transit. Nonetheless, I have decided to purchase a pedal bike this Spring. I will probably be the strongest brotha in MI. I refuse to be pimped at the pump. Came across a very interesting site, cannot substatiate its accuracy, but I will go out tomorrow and track down a few locations.

Brace for Summer, and watch your back, it is going to get very ugly out there.
Cars! Cars! Cars!: Cheap Gas and How To Find It

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