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Just a few housekeeping items..

Some of you have been unable to post comments. I figured it would be wise to explain some of the changes I've implemented to counter the comment spam. When posting a comment, you must first select preview. After previewing, then select post. This strategy assures that your message won't be rejected or throttled. Hopefully this will clear up any confusion.
Please be advised that all first-time commenters will be moderated, after I review the comment for its authenticity and content, I will then publish it.

Still confused ? Send me a msg and we'll talk.

Now, onto the real news...

I will soon be changing organizations within my place of employment.
Most of you know that I have been working at a large automotive company for the past 5.5 yrs.
In that time, I have seen the company transform drastically, as its competitors have closed the gap substantially. These recent developments coupled with a very poor economy has taken the fun out of working here.

Early last year, I asked to be reassigned, but my efforts were repeatedly blocked by management. I was deemed a 'top achiever' and too valuable to be released without a comparable replacement. So as a good soldier, I continued to deliver quality work, despite not having the best assignments.

In a strange turn of events, I was recently granted the ability to begin interviewing with other departments. So in a matter of speaking, I was suddenly an unrestricted free agent, but I really didn't have a no trade clause. No, I didn't have any wild A-Rod salary figures dancing in my brain.

Apparently, our department was over headcount and it was clear that I wanted a change. I was informed that I only had 24hrs to find position, otherwise I'd be sent to a department with the greatest demand for headcount. So, I began searching for areas which I thought fit my needs best. Management also provided me with a lead.

So feeling empowered, I set out to find the dream job. Yes, I know it's absurd to think I that could find a new gig in 24hrs. Nonetheless, I decided to work within the system.
I decided to meet with the area that management suggested. The conversation was informative and the new supervisor was very experienced. I also used our in house HR tools to search for potential jobs, and I also had some earlier leads too.

Once I returned to the office, I informed management that I needed another day to decide if the recommended location was a good fit for me. The response was, "You don't have another day, need your answer now." My response, I'll take the job. The next morning I was formed that I would be going to the department with the greatest need. How disingenuous is that, I thought I had a choice? Boy was I wrong.. Naturally, I asked for an explanation from management.
The response, "The VP made the call, you drafted by xyz dept, totally out of our hands. They weren't truthful with us."

No this didn't make me feel any better. In fact, I'm still smarting from the entire ordeal.
Anyone, who knows me well, understands that I prefer to operate from a position of power. I don't respond well to the sacrificial lamb scenario. It's not who I am.

So, I decided it's best to speak directly to the manager of the area which 'drafted' me. I thought it was important for both parties to clearly understand expectations. Surprisingly, the conversation went very well. In fact, I had worked with this particulaer manager in the past, so they remembered me somewhat. I also felt compelled to mention what I thought about this whole process. I believe 'shitty' was the term I used. All parties agreed, the manager insisted that their hand was forced, as nobody wanted to give up heads. So, it was necessary to get help from the VP. The VP dropped a gavel, and allocated heads. Problem solved.

We talked about a few other concerns, but I'll share those in a later discussion. An old friend once told me, "If you can't get out of it, get into it." I always deploy this rationale when appropriate. Truth be told, my next move will most likely be far away from this place.

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