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I have just been diagnosed as a stark raving lunatic. If I were not insane, there would be no explanation for why I agreed to taking 9 credit hours of graduate school courses this semester. I suppose that this alone is not suicidal, but if you couple it with working 40hrs, clearly you have a very volatile situation. Someone did an analysis that states that you need 3hrs of study for every credit hour. So, doing the math I actually need 27 hrs of study for the 9 credit hours that I am maintaining.

Where's the small padded cell and straight jacket? I'm fatigued and confused.

New stuff

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If you were wondering when I'd update the photo journal, stop the guessing. Alas, I've updated it with some recent pics and some not-so recent pics.
Should give you an idea of what I have been doing these past few months.

Wonders of Google

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Apparently I'm late in my discovery, but I just thought I would share this with you anyway.
As I have mentioned previously, Google is the most powerful search engine on the internet. Not only is it capable of doing the more mundane search duties, it now offers a method to index all of the files on your hard drive.

No longer will you have to search for that elusive filename, simply type a few characters that describe what you want. The speed is exceptionally good, and the accuracy is remarkable.

Please be advised that Google Desktop is a beta program that only runs on M$ windows. Because Google is Linux friendly, I'm sure that the company will eventually release the desktop search software for other operating systems.

Microsoft Follies

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Recently came across a very funny article by a M$ engineer. It was particularly amusing because I know dozens of other people that have experienced the same issues. Hence, the reason that I became a Linux evangelist many years ago. How secure is your Windows installation ?
Don't Try This At Home

Why Firefox?

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I'm still amazed that people haven't yet discovered the virtues of the Firefox web browser. I suppose that I could classify the article below as clueless pundit of the week, but to be fair, I believe the author is genuinely interested in exploring (pun intended) the benefits of the browser that soon could become ubiquitous.

Bottom Line: IE is a very poorly designed browser. It is full of security vulnerabilities and is classic bloatware. I seriously doubt that M$ will be able to add the very neat features that Firefox and earlier Mozilla browser have employed for quite awhile.

elizabeth grigg: using firefox

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