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First post of 2K5. The prodigal son has returned ;) He's amped too. Just finished shoveling six inches of snow like a crazed lunatic. After I completed the task, I let out the blood curdling cry of a Bhantu warrior. Anyway I digress.

Wow, it's been nearly a month since my last entry. I do hope that you have not forgotten about me. I am sure that most of you realize that I enjoy virtually talking with you. So much has happened since I returned from vacation, and started 2K5. Hmm... Where shall I begin ? I was forced to shut down public comments on the blog due to very aggressive comment spammers. I have since restored this feature and upgraded my blog publishing engine software to thwart the efforts of these annoying cowards.

Perhaps the most significant event is the fact that I am now officially a landlord. I rented out my investment property shortly upon my return to MI. Yes, I'm absolutely estatic and brimming with pride. Although, the property remained vacant much longer than I care to mention, I am clear that I will do another rehab project, as time permits. There are plenty of distressed properties in this area, and I would be happy to get a few more houses. Truthfully, the entire experience was a very good education for me. It clearly was a test of my will to succeed. I never doubted that I would triumph in the end. I was solely responsible for supervising the contractors, advertising and scheduling the viewing of the property.

It's also worth noting that grad school has also been very time consuming, but very interesting. I have been immersed in the concept of Product Development, as a full-time student these past ten days. I report to work next week. Essentially, I have been involved in a high-stakes design competition. I compare it to a never ending reality show, with a boot-camp twist. The instructor provided us with the following rules. Each team is required to develop an effective strategy to stack blocks. My team suffered defeats in each round of the scrimmage. Because we had a flawed design concept, our role in the competition was reduced to that of the spoiler. Nonetheless, I am encouraged, as we competed and delivered a design that was able to stack blocks, albeit with much difficulty. The problem is that our competition did so more efficiently and quickly. I will post the photos in the usual place.

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