I, Robot

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Another action film, which takes place in 2035. Gosh, I do hope to be alive to see that far into the future. The film is full of eerie reminders of why it's not too wise to place all of your trust in technology. The film was based on the company U.S. Robot—from the science fiction novel I, Robot by Isaac Asimov.

However, the film modernized the company name , and changed it to US Robotics. Hmm, the name should ring a bell for the computer saavy people. Alas, US Robotics was an industry leader in dialup modems. Yeah, I still remember those relics :) I used to own a 28.8k v.34 Sportster modem. Gotta keep reminding myself that people still use those things ..

Although, the film held my attention and was not to skimpy on special affects, I don't think it was one of Will Smith's better films. Not that he's had all that many, I did prefer Enemy of State.

I gave I, Robot , 6 of 10 stars. Get the torrent.

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