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Save Betamax

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Yes, I know that the Sony Betamax died a long terrible death back in 1983. However, it appears that some of our more popular electronic nuances (ie VCR, CD & DVD Burners, iPOD and TiVo) are being threatened by a sneaky bill, the INDUCE act, which is on the Senate floor.

PlasticBoy » Save Betamax - National Call-In Day September 14

Block Party - Nobody Told Me

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Heck, I guess you've got to be alert to all the happenings. I suppose I'm not connected to the streets anymore.

Anyway, I understand I missed a great party in Fort Greene. I would have went home for this one.

Gothamist: Dave Chappelle's Block Party/Film/Fugees Reunion


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Gosh, the Summer is nearly over. For whatever reason, I have not been posting regularly. Could it be that I am at a loss for words ? Ahh. don't count on it.

Actually, last year at this time, I was just returning to the States from my European vacation . Ahh, how I long for Oktoberfest.

Anyway, I digress. In my daily perusing of the net I stumbled some intriguing information. Figured I share it with you. Most of you know that I'm an avid reader of non-fictional texts. I also happen to appreciate the power of Google. Have you ever wondered how and why encyclopedias have become extinct ? Well, you should experience the Wikipedia phenomenon.


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Although I never kept a journal in 2K1, I certainly had many thoughts on 9/11. In fact, I had just returned from the Tri-State area. After having spent six months living in South Plainfield, NJ and working in Edison. Additionally, I was also afforded the opportunity to go home to B'klyn on weekends, to help comfort my pops, as he recovered from a kidney transplant. 2K1 was really turning out to be a great year for me.

Urban Renewal - New Millenium Cities

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Watched a very interesting discussion on the Wayne State University broadcast network. Carnegie Mellon Professor of Regional Economic Development, Richard Florida, gave a very compelling analysis of the essentials for attracting talented people to Urban Centers. He asserts that the Detroit's biggest export, are its people not its automobiles.

According to Florida, trendy cities (ie NYC, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Austin) tend to keep there young intellectuals occupied with cool stuff. Arts, culture, food, mass transportation, outdoor activities, etc.

Now that I've chased the loot to Southeast MI., I can certainly appreciate Florida's argument. Downtown Detroit reminds me of the Bushwick or Brownsville section of Brooklyn in the mid-80s. Motown will have to undergo a huge metamorphosis, if it hopes retain its talented transplants.

Where does your city rank ?

The article below is a good read:
City Comforts Blog: Trendies vs. counter-trendies

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