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Golf is a very humbling game and is quite different than most sports. Although I do not play very often(typically twice a year), I do enjoy the outings and time away from the office. I suppose I have to thank Tiger for introducing me to the game. Clearly, if it were not for his success and dominance in the sport, I would not have any interest in playing at all. Heck, I was raised on the 'street' game of basketball.

I discovered that my golf swing is very flawed, in that I have a nasty slice. On the fairway, the seems to take off to the right. I have been told that I am opening up wrist on the follow through. I suppose that I need to invest in some golf clubs and spend time at the driving range.

We played four-man scramble, and finished 18 holes in roughly 4.5 hrs. I have no idea of my handicap. All I know is that I' am a divet champ and hacker extroadinaire. Suddenly, I have picked up the name 'Arnold' and 'Tigger', but that is fine. Eventually, I will get better.

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