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On The Boardwalk

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Took a couple of days off to enjoy a bit of travel. Returned to Norfolk/Va Beach area for the first time nearly ten years.

Walked on the boardwalk and enjoyed the sites, smells and sounds of the beach.
Didn't take any pics as i'm sure everyone has seen sand and surf. Actually the most interestng photo ops would be that of random people. Opted not to take any pics of random people, as did not want to be accused of voyeurism.

Suffice to say the rest and relaxation was much appreciated.

Thievery - Revisited

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Early last week I discovered that I was a victim of petty left. I had suspected that the neighorborhood kids were to blame. Well, recent events confirmed my suspicions.

After mowing my lawn late one evening, three young kids on bikes came up to me and asked to verify my address. Later, they asked if I was missing my insurance papers. I asked where they found the papers, and they claimed that they were behind their home. Likely story. These kids lived two doors down from me. They walked me to their house, while I waited outside, I wondered when the parents would show up. No parents ever appeared. In fact, it appeared as though the kids were running the household.

Cosby's Musings on Black Folks

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Yeah, I know I'm a couple of months late, but I really hadn't thought much about this issue. You may recall that I made a pact to stay away from political issues. Especially those that seem to strike a nerve in our community. Cosby has been a public icon for many years. Even his bizarre Fat Albert characters made a resurgence in the Hip-Hop culture, as they were found on more than a few t-shirts in the hood. Perhaps he his best known for his work on the 'Cosby Show' and 'Different World'.


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Someone helped themselves to loose change and my vehicle owners manual. I fault myself, as I had not parked the car in my garage and the doors were unlocked. Nonetheless, I am annoyed that they got copies of my auto registration, auto insurance card, and a set of keys to a remote PO Box.

I suspect that they were young kids, as they didn't steal any of my highly treasured mix-tapes or CDs. If they had, I would have gone bezerk. They didn't steal any of the stereo equipment (Kenwood CD/tape player, 10 Disc Changer).

Definitely, relieved that my carelessness did not result in a greater loss. I suppose when you sleep, you get 'got'. Must be losing my NY edge. It won't happen again.

The Linx

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Golf is a very humbling game and is quite different than most sports. Although I do not play very often(typically twice a year), I do enjoy the outings and time away from the office. I suppose I have to thank Tiger for introducing me to the game. Clearly, if it were not for his success and dominance in the sport, I would not have any interest in playing at all. Heck, I was raised on the 'street' game of basketball.

The Open Source Paradigm Shift

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I came across this very well written article concerning the paridigm that is Open Source. In keeping with my mission of bringing to light the very important concept of balancing the software landscape, and empowering the consumer, I figured I'd share this one. -- Various Things I've Written: Tim's Archive

Fahrenheit 9/11

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Last week I watched portions of the Democratic National Convention, and was not particularly overwhelmed by Kerry's speech. However, I did appreciate Barak Obama's speech. I suppose it is appropriate to reflect back on the debacle that was the electoral process of 2000. Many people felt betrayed by our gov't. How important is your vote ?

I watched Fahrenheit 9/11, by Michael Moore. If you're not familiar w/Moorer, he also directed a few other notable documentaries(ie. Roger & Me and Bowling for Columbine).
Regardless of your political affiliation, the film sheds light on many curious occurences that took place immediately after 9/11.

I will probably 'google' to check some of the references Moore named in the film. The film is worthy of trip to the theatre. For those that are interested, Moore has 'requested' that the film be dispersed via the internet. It is readily available, simply 'google' for the torrent.

Update: Get the facts to back-up the references mentioned in the F 9/11 film. Ann -Thx for the tip.

Social Networks -Revisited

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Ok, I finally gave into the Linked-In phenomenom. To my surprise, I discovered many of my colleagues had already taken the plunge.
I suppose my cynicism was unfounded. Nonetheless, I'll let you decide for yourself. Check it out.

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