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Most of you know that I love to travel. Recently, I returned to Indy (aka Naptown or Circle City). One of my old friends, invited me to her wedding. Once upon a time, I worked in Indy as a 'young', hungry co-op student. So, I have some pretty fond memories of cutting my teeth as young professional. Actually, it was one of my first legitimate 'corporate' jobs, that I secured while struggling through undergrad. I got a chance to connect with some people that I had not spoken to in seven years.

While I would never live in Indy, I did appreciate the opportunity to connect with my extended family and friends.

Anyway, I finally posted some pics of the ceremony.
You can find them here.

Bluetooth Heaven

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Despite the fact that we embraced the technology few years later Europe and Japan. The cell phone has nearly become a ubiquitous device in America. Because I made the decision to go strictly cellular, I abandoned my landline phone early last year. Hence, I happen to spend more time on the cell phone than the average person.

Black Zombies

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No, I've not died, nor have I fallen from the face of the earth.
That would be impossible, as the Earth is round. I recently went home, and witnessed my first home Yankees game in nearly 20yrs. Although they lost 8-1, it was good to see the 2004 squad live in the Bronx. Perhaps the best part of the trip was giving a native Mid-Westerner a glimpse of life in NYC. He got an opportunity to ride the subway and also experienced the notorious Bed-Stuy section of B'klyn. We B'klynites affectionately call this section 'Do-or-Die', as it relates to the struggle and peril that most black youth face, while growing up in this area. Truly survival of the fittest.

Travel has always been huge part of my life. In fact as a youth it was a requirement. Although I grew up in Gotham, a place which has a huge cross-section of people, Pops always told us to venture out and see how others live. Well today I find myself in Kansas City. Clearly not a place that I've dreamed about, nonetheless a place where I've not visited before.

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