Skillful Manipulation

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I typically tread lightly on political subjects, as I know that many people are very emotional about such subjects. Nonetheless, I feel compelled to drop a few bytes on the subject.

By now, most everyone has heard about the beheading of the American. I didn't watch it on TV, nor did I google for the info online. Curiously, the video footage leaked only days after the Iraqui POW debacle was fed to the masses.

Several questions come to mind regarding the beheading incident. Please be advised that I don't know the story in its entirety, so some of my questions may seem abit odd.

1) Why was he there ?
2) Who authorized his presence in an unstable region ?
3) What was he hoping to accomplish ?

I have found 'tell-lie-vision' to be a powerful tool during times of war and economic strife. Yes, the beheading was a barbaric act. However, in my humble opinion, there are probably many more troublesome matters ailing this nation.

For instance:
1) Gas prices are $2.00 /gal. Yeah, even in places like rural places like Thomasville, GA. Heck, you could always count on cheap gas in GA.
2) Will the war on terror ever end ?
3) Where are those weapons of mass destruction ?
4) Will the Nets ever win an NBA title ?

Disclaimer - #4 was a joke

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