Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

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As I have matured, I have begun to realize that personal achievement can only truly be gratifying if shared with someone special. There are a precious few people in my life who I am compelled to share all things of consequence. Pops (aka Dad) is one such person. Throughout my youth, he has fostered my growth and espoused wisdom, which I did not appreciate until I became an adult. He always made time to take part in significant happenings in my life (ie HS and College graduation, Navy milestones, etc.) Clearly, I'm sure he knew that I wanted nothing more than to make him proud.

So, he again has come to witness another life event. Promotion to the rank of 1st Dan. Often I wondered, if there will be a time when I could afford him the same loyalty, understanding, wisdom and strength. How can I manifest such a vision?

A prophecy indeed.

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