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The term live entertainment is used rather loosely when associated with live bands. Typically, I have visions of the Atlantic City variety. Some of you may be familiar with these types of bands. Well, last evening I got an opportunity to support an underground talent. Nadir and his five piece band, Distorted Soul, put on quite a show. I had heard some of his music via his website, but had not listened to any of the selections in their entirety. I was pleasantly surprised.

One item of note was their rendition of the Teddy P, "Love TKO." I have never heard the melody done in such an 'uptempo' fashion. Not sure what Teddy would say :)
Creative license for sure. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the music and stage show.

I suppose the bigger question, is how do we get underground talent onto mainstream radio, so that everyone can have the opportunity to hear quality music. I believe it's unlikeley that Nadir would subject himself to the typical A&R tale; whereas, he have to do a video next to swimming pool teeming with hot females dressed in thong bikinis. Or would he ? BET/MTV formulas for sure.

It appears that this is the avenue that must be traversed by underground talent. Definitely a fine line for artistic freedom.

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