Kill Bill


With all of the hype and build up surrounding this film, after having viewed it on Friday, I must say it leaves much to be desired. Clearly, it was not a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon incarnate. For instance, Vivica Fox spent much of the past 2-3 months doing television interviews and magazine spreads wearing scantly clad outfits, trying to boost interest in this movie (and her acting career). Had I sneezed in the theater, and reached for a tissue to blow my nose, I would've missed her character. Not very flattering to say the least.
Uma Thurman's character really didn't convince me of her sword prowess. Let's just say that Tarantino should have spent more time developing character. Perhaps showing her in training or something. Don't get me wrong I love femme fatale flicks, in fact, I believe that there should be more of them. I'd love to meet a femme fatale in real life.
Problem with this film, was that too much time was spent on gory special affects and not much on developing any of the characters or the martial arts that the film was based upon.
On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest. I rated the film a 6. Download it from KaZaa.

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