Traffic Court

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Yesterday, I made my first court appearance for a speeding ticket that I received in July. I was clocked at 47 in a 25mph zone.. The cop wrote the ticket for 1-5mph over..
Those of you who know me, recognize that I'm usually cheap as hell. I'm sorry I meant to say frugal. Basically, I'm not giving up any loot unless I can see a huge rate of return.
Traffic violations definitely do not factor into this equation. So, I set out to beat the violation like Malcolm - By Any Means Necessary.

Because, I had no priors and an impeccable driving record, I scheduled a formal hearing. If the officer who issued the citation doesn't appear, you beat the ticket.

The penal system is a straight up game. For instance, I arrived at 8.25a for 9.00a court appearance. Stood in a processing line for 15minutes, only to discover that I could have walked
upstairs, checked for my name and wait in front of the prosecutor's office. So, I sat outside the prosecutor's office for another 35 minutes. What pissed me off was that I watched a few attorneys and their clients attempt to walk past me to speak with the prosecutor. Of course, I got up and asked the prosecutor," Is there any order here, or can anyone just get up and walk
into your office ?" He responded, "I've got your file and will get to ASAP." Rule 1 - If you don't have a counsel present, you get shafted and have to wait forever. Those attorneys are on the clock, heaven forbid if they have to wait. I say screw them.

Once I finally sat down with the prosecutor, it was ~9.55a. He immediately stated the obvious. He said, "You have no driving record, citation 1-5mph over."
Rule 2 - The Deal He offered me reduced sentence, no points if I chose to plea impeding traffic $90.00($10.00 more than speeding tkt). Recognize that I'm still looking for the cop who wrote me up.
I don't see the guy, so I'm thinking play the card until the bitter end. I refuse the plea bargain, and decide to meet the judge. I figured, I had no record, no cop, throw it out.

All rise - It's now 10am, finally into the court room. Lots of derelicts around. Just waiting for my opportunity to say to the Judge, "You're out of order, this whole court system is out of order."
I restrained myself.. Judge hears four cases and goes into recess! Yes, I was heated.. It's now 10.30a

The Bailiff tells me my paperwork must still be with the Prosecutor. I walk out of courtroom, and I still do not see the cop who wrote me up. Prosecutor asks me to come into his office.
Guess what, the cop showed up! My day has gone from bad to worse. Prosecutor tells me that he misunderstood the citation, and that officer was kind enough to translate for him.

Basically, he pulled my freakin paperwork until the cop showed up. No justice. Now, I'm thinking that the impeding traffic plea looks awfully damn good right about now. So, I took it.
Did not even make eye contact with the cop. Again I was heated, and out of 90 bucks.

11.00a - Walked back into the courtroom. Judge heard two cases, and it was my turn to shine. I felt like Colin Ferguson, ready to tell the court my story. Actually, it was not very dramatic, as the previous defendant, who also had no counsel copped the same plea. I walked out, paid my fee and bounced. No driving record, no points.

Moral of the story. Hell, there is no moral. If I had simply paid the fine, I would've lost 2pts on my license. So you take your chances in the court of law. Total victory for me would have been $0 dollars out of pocket. What would you have done ?

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