Bronx Bombers Demise

Yes, I'm officially in mourning. Oddly enough I am resigned to the fact that these Yankees are not the squad of old.. In fact, there are only 4 core members of those great Bomber teams of 96-01. It certainly was a great run.. Don't get it twisted, I'm clear that they will return to the World Stage, but I'm also clear that the talent gap has significantly been reduced between the Yankees and the rest of Major League baseball.
What will General Von Steingrabber do to stem the tide? If I could be owner for the day, I would definitely find some middle relief. Should the starters fail to go seven innings, there really isn't anyone that I would put out there, to shut-down the opposition for 3-4 innings. Of course, Mariano Rivera is lights out, but you've got be able to maintain a lead so you can bring him out of the bullpen. Second, I would find some better defensive infielders to compliment Jeter. It was very difficult to watch Game 5, I think we had a Spring Training moment during a routine, run down play. I always thought that you chase the guy back to the bag and your 3rd baseman covers.. Well what do I know..

Final thoughts, sign Pettitte and ship Wells out ASAP. He refuses to shed weight and really put the club at a disadvantage. If he lost 100 lbs, I believe he would be a far better pitcher and would be less susceptible to back spasms and other assorted injuries. I believe he could learn a great deal from the Rocket. Hell at 40 yrs, nobody should be carrying around 250+ lbs. Nuff said.

I'm going to be posting more Europe pics.. Stay tuned..

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