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Wednesday, I went to a NSBE - XL Alumni Extension chapter General Body mtg. The 'XL' stands for Extra Large. The New York AE chapter holds its mtgs at the Dean Witter 3rd FL cafeteria. Located @ 750 W. 50th St. My financial advisor, Cary Hall was giving a talk on Leadership Building. After the mtg, I met with some of the XL membership and e-board. I told people that I served as the TSIG chair for the NSBE-DAE. To my suprise, I discovered that the XL chapter does not have a TSIG. In fact, they've not had one in at least 3yrs. Chapter President-Emeritus, Nicole Brown, informed me that the NEB dropped TSIG from its structure. As such, many chapters do not fill that role. Imagine life without a TSIG chair... A sobering thought indeed..

Well, I suggested that XL and DAE have a virtual mtg via videoconference. She thought it would be a great idea. The Central NJ Alumni Extension chapter had expressed interest in doing something like that awhile ago, but it never occured. Perhaps I could try to make this happen before the end of the year.

It would be nice to link up some of my old Region 1 headz with my new Region IV peeps..

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