Last night, I had dinner

Last night, I had dinner at a great Lebanese restaurant in Wiesbaden (pronounced ' vees-bod-en ' ). Food was great and we ate in the open air cafe. One interesting point to note - the ubiquitous glass of water that comes with your meal is not free in Europe. Talk about culture shock.

While eating, Reg and I wondered if Mercedes Benz vehicles were sold at rock bottom prices, as it appears as though every German drives them. Judging from what drove by the cafe, there probably wasn't a vehicle less than 30k US. I plan to stop at one of the local Benz dealerships and ask to about the test driving policy.

Oh yeah, the Autobahn is very impressive. We clocked about 120km/h on the drive to Wiesbaden.

We are driving a French sedan, the name escapes me.. I have taken a few shots of it. I will make a point to post them later.
Speaking of cars, I also spent a few hours at the IAA autoshow in Frankfurt au Main. Many very cool vehicles. I was very impressed with the Peugot's offering. In the US, Peugots died a terrrible death long ago. Their vehicles had a very poor quality record. Yes, I took several photos and do plan to share them with you.

Today, I send this msg from yet another internet cafe in Stuttgart GmbH.. I had the pleasure of riding the highspeed ICE train. Departed Frankfurt this morning, very nice ride.. Unfortunately, I' ve not been able to use my laptop much as the both batteries are dead. The adapter I brought doesnt work. I hope to have this resolved soon. Gotta watch my DivX movies ...

Later this evening, we'll be heading to Milan, Italy.. Keep it locked.. One love..

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