Labor Day Parade

Sorry people, the parade suffered the 2nd consecutive year of rain. It was a pretty miserable day. As such, I wasn't inspired to take any pics. Truth be told, I forgot to take my camera as I ran out of the house ;( Typically, we have approx. 3.5million parade goers, but this year, due to the weather, the total was substantially less. I believe it was roughly 1.5million. Oh well, perhaps we'll get better weather next year. Heck, the entire summer has been fairly mild.

Nonetheless, I did get to see the WLIB float complete with Wyclef Jean. I also saw 'old school' reggae artist Shaka Demus. Of course, there was alot of Calypso music, so the Trini crowd was pleased this year. In my mind, the Jamaican floats are usually better, as they have entertainers that have broader appeal. I'm sure that I'll take some heat for that statement.

Nine more days left until I depart for Europe.. The only item I need to purchase is a jacket, I had no idea that the weather was going to be so cool and damp. I'll need to cop one before I bounce outta here.

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