Greetings from Frankfurt GmbH

Greetings from Frankfurt GmbH Internet cafe.. The flight on Singapore Airlines was a brisk 6hrs. Unfortunately, I could not find an exit row seat, so I sat in the standard legroom seat. I was forced to stretch my legs into the aisle. The major problem with this arrangement was that I was seated directly next to the attendants' station. So, on this international flight, you could probably imagine that these attendants were busy people. I could swear that their was more activity than a beehive. Each time one of the attendants brought food or beverage to a passenger, they nearly tripped over my feet. Obviously, I didn't get much sleep on the flight. The food was pretty good and they were not stingy with alcohol or snacks.

I watched parts of my X-Men Reunited and some of 'Jackie Chan's-Legend of Drunken Master'.

Well. Time is almost up.. More later..

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