Didn't make it to Graz

Didn't make it to Graz, Austria, but I did make contact with someone who would be happy to play hostess upon my return.. Actually, I also met someone who referred to me as 'Gangsta, Gangsta'.. Apparently, she watches too much MTV and thinks that all NY hip-hop gunplay is cool. She even thought the word 'niggas' was cool to say, while in the company of two brothas on the train @ 2am. Definitely, the most interesting part of my trip.. She wanted my digits and figured she could connect with me. Young females. Dunno.. Might be interesting..

Anyway, we forged onward to Munich. Took more photos and I promise, I'll post them as soon as I can organize them in some logic fashion.

Munich had a great deal of fine architecture and it also had a beautiful palace with a wonderful garden. In fact, I understand that King Ludwig has an astounding castle nearby the hotel where I stayed. Hopefully, I can get there someday.

Well.. I'm back in the states again. I thoroghly enjoyed my European Vacation. The last day in Europe resembled a Chevy Chase adventure.

We picked up a Volvo A4 sedan, so that we could travel to the palace and get back to Munich to see the night life. Unfortunately, we didn't know how to get back to the hotel, nor the car rental.. In fact, we spent 3.5 hrs looking for both venues. Talk about frustrating. More later..

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