Arrived in Milan

Arrived in Milan, Italy this morning. It was a 7hr train ride from Stuttgart, GmBh. Apparently, I'm not getting any younger. My body feels as though it went through a meat grinder. I ache everywhere imaginable. Milan is a stark contrast to both German cities (Frankfurt and Stuttgart), in that it is not as clean and its citizens tend to be more like NYers.

For instance, Germans don't jaywalk, however, it appears that jaywalking is fine in Milan.
Actually, in Milan, it seems that pedestrians walk at their own peril. Not so in Germany.

There could be no cars coming in either direction, but nobody will walk across the street because the walk signal is red. I do not believe, we will spend much time in Milan, as it does not appear very inviting. In fact, this might be the last Italian city that we visit. Rome stop is probably cancelled.

Next stop - Zurich, Switzerland..

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