Moving Again

Well, I'm approx 85% moved in now. I've just got alot of little stuff to get from the old condo. The new house is nearly cleaned to my satisfaction. I wasn't too happy about the rust that accumulated in the hot water pipes, but I suppose that this is common in older homes that have not been occupied. First order of business is to get my LAN setup again. Right now I'm forced to communicate w/a goshdarn XP laptop. After two failed attempts to get Comcast to install my cable, I finally connected w/the service guys on Monday. Once I began talking with one of the serviceman, I discovered that he was a Linux newbie.

Got a pseudo-free cable modem out of the deal. I'm going to hook the brother up a couple of LUGs in the area.
I hope to have my LAN setup before the weekend is out. Additionally, I will also attempt complete the revamping of my website. Stay tuned..

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