BK- Brooklyn

BK- Brooklyn !!! I'm home.. Each time I return to my beloved borough it becomes clear why I miss it so. My pops and I watched the First Annual Flex award show on our public access channel bcat. Here we watched some young females do what I call the 'squiggle' to some of Wayne Wonder and Sean Paul's hits. Ahh raw talent. I love it ..
"Shizzle me nizzle, brand new talk taking over the island hizzle. " Elephant Man..

Monday, Eastern Parkway will be alive with our annual Labor Day parade. 3.5 million people hit the streets of BK to catch a glimpse of celebs, floats, music and best of all gorge themselves with food and drink. At on time, it was one of the few occasions where you could get away with walking the streets with open containers of beer. The Puerto Rican Day parade messed it up for everyone.

Additionally, it is the largest parade in the North America. Yes, even larger than Caribana.. Hopefully, I'll get an opportunity to post some pics of this event, we'll see.

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