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BK- Brooklyn

BK- Brooklyn !!! I'm home.. Each time I return to my beloved borough it becomes clear why I miss it so. My pops and I watched the First Annual Flex award show on our public access channel bcat. Here we watched some young females do what I call the 'squiggle' to some of Wayne Wonder and Sean Paul's hits. Ahh raw talent. I love it ..
"Shizzle me nizzle, brand new talk taking over the island hizzle. " Elephant Man..

Monday, Eastern Parkway will be alive with our annual Labor Day parade. 3.5 million people hit the streets of BK to catch a glimpse of celebs, floats, music and best of all gorge themselves with food and drink. At on time, it was one of the few occasions where you could get away with walking the streets with open containers of beer. The Puerto Rican Day parade messed it up for everyone.

Additionally, it is the largest parade in the North America. Yes, even larger than Caribana.. Hopefully, I'll get an opportunity to post some pics of this event, we'll see.

Martial Arts

Some of you are aware that I've been studying the martial arts. Actually, I practice the Korean art form - Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do (pronounced 'tong-sue-doe'). It really has become a passion of mine, and I have finally decided to dedicate webspace to some of my favorite training experiences. I hope you enjoy them. Please be on the look out for a special area within my main website dedicated to Tang Soo Do. While I'm on vacation, I'll spend time developing my main page.. Don't worry I'll continue posting stuff to my blog too.

The video clip below was taken about 1yr ago. I was testing for 2nd Gup.

Home Renewal

Ok. So I didn't get around to posting any pics this weekend. Nonetheless, I was somewhat productive. All of my junk is now out of the old condo. I removed my old garage door opener, and a few boxes from the basement. My next house project is installing the garage door opener at my new place. Yeah, 'Tool Time' for real ..

I made a few changes to the blog. Now people don't have to send their comments via email, you can simply put your comments on the blog itself..

Now for the pics.. The house is still in disarray, so don't get your hopes up. Some of the pics came out very dark so I won't post all of them.

living room
dining room

Blackout - Revisited

100% recovery from blackout. My cablemodem has a good data signal, as Comcast has got their routers up. If the power outage had lasted for two more days, I would have been in serious trouble. I now understand why some people purchase 1500W generators for their homes. Next week, I'll be back in BK enjoying a much needed vacation. I have nearly everything needed for my trip to Europe. Must purchase a digital camera. Otherwise, I'm good to go.

For those who are interested, I'm going to take a few pics of the house and post them before the end of the weekend.
I have been a busy beaver these past few days. I hired some carpet installers, and they installed Burba in all three bedrooms and the stair treads leading to the basement. I installed a 240VAC receptacle for my electric dryer. I did a bit of creative electrical work on a very old power distribution box. Gotta send props out to my buddy Jack for dropping that 'basic' electrical knowledge on me, when I was a youth.

If any of you can offer any home interior decoratoration ideas, I'm all ears.

I should have my LAN up this weekend too. I've grown tired of banging on these tiny laptop keys. I want to use a REAL OS again.


Out like a light or should I say no lights for two nights.. Talk about a 'hot sleep', now that power has been restored to the Northeast and Midwest, I can continue to work on my house. Everything isn't quite back to normal, as Comcast has not yet got all of their equipment running. So, I write this scribe from a local 'Rat Shack' err I mean Radio. I always knew that those stores were good for something. I spent Friday, roaming the streets in my truck, since it was the only place that had AC. Many people were waiting for gas in ridiculously long lines. It reminded me of MadMax, Armeggedon..
Luckily, I topped off my tank before the blackout.

Many people have asked me for pics of the house, I'll get on this ASAP.
More later..

Moving Again

Well, I'm approx 85% moved in now. I've just got alot of little stuff to get from the old condo. The new house is nearly cleaned to my satisfaction. I wasn't too happy about the rust that accumulated in the hot water pipes, but I suppose that this is common in older homes that have not been occupied. First order of business is to get my LAN setup again. Right now I'm forced to communicate w/a goshdarn XP laptop. After two failed attempts to get Comcast to install my cable, I finally connected w/the service guys on Monday. Once I began talking with one of the serviceman, I discovered that he was a Linux newbie.

Got a pseudo-free cable modem out of the deal. I'm going to hook the brother up a couple of LUGs in the area.
I hope to have my LAN setup before the weekend is out. Additionally, I will also attempt complete the revamping of my website. Stay tuned..


Made a first attempt at cleaning key areas of my new home. Who would have thought the nice old lady would have left vegetables and hair in refridgerator ? Pretty disgusting huh.. I've spent countless hours cleaning and wondering when the next folicle will reveal itself. I'm very subsconscious about hair that doesn't belong to me. Obviously, the woman had a shedding problem. The hair is even sealed into the varnish on the wooden floor.

Nonetheless, the house is in good shape, but I'll need to do a fair amount of scrubbing before I'll feel comfortable moving in. 25 days remaining before I travel to Europe. Very excited, looking forward to the trip. I have never travelled to Western Europe, so I am pretty amped.

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