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October 22, 2007

Countdown to 3rd Dan - Revisited

The exam went very well. I had prepared for a very intense seminar and an equally exhausting black belt exam. The seminar was excellent, we started a bit later than usual, but it was well worth the wait. There were some new faces, which always makes for a more interesting experience. Kwan Jang Nim Saul Kim emphasized the meaning of application behind the basics and particularly hip rotation.

We were asked to execute the Bassai form in reverse, certainly not something that I have ever done previously. Bassai has roughly 42 movements, and many students have difficulty executing the cobra form in the traditional manner. This is what makes seminars special and important. You never know what will be asked of you :) Unfortunately, we did not get an opportunity to practice Ho Sin Sul (personal protection), but I am certain we will make up for it during our next seminar.

The black belt exam was less intense than the previous exam (which I witnessed but did not participate). I was one of five Dan members which were scheduled to test. I was the only person testing for 3rd Dan (Sam Dan). Kwan Jang Nim asked me to execute Gicho - Hyung Sam Bo, Pyung Ahn Sa-Dan, Pyung Ahn Oh - Dan, and Naihanchi Ee Dan. I executed the forms well. The breaking also went fairly well.
I executed a Kap-Kwan (back fist) and Ee Dan Ahp Chakee (jump front snap kick).

Of course I have photos and short video clips to share. You can find them in the usual places. More later.

Posted by AG at October 22, 2007 7:35 AM