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April 25, 2006

Power of the Consumer - Revisited

Complaints and objections are meaningless if they go unheard. I've never been one to hold my tongue when I disagree with the level of service. I have no problem returning hardware that has performed unsatisfactorly. A couple years ago, I purchased a Jabra BT200 and was very excited about being an early adopter of bluetooth technology. Immediately, I began to notice imperfections in the design and general annoyances (ie talk time, poor transmitter cradle, auto-answer feature inoperable). I initially, chalked it up as early adopter growing pains, but as I began to talk to others who owned the same device, they too had the same problems. Moreover, I spoke with people who purchased competitive products, and they were _not_ having any problems.

The poor headset performance didn't stop with the purchase of my Treo600.

So the empowered consumer, sprung into action. As mentioned earlier, I'm no stranger to leveraging my consumer power.
I fired off a letter to the Jabra Sr. VP of Global Marketing and Sales, and two weeks later I received a reply.
The tone of the response was certainly one of customer satisfaction and how can we keep your business. It appears that Jabra understands that consumer electronics is a commodity business, thus, if customers are not happy with the products, they can easily find a vendor that would be very happy to get the business. Additionally, customers typically become terrorists if they believe that a vendor is not interested in delivering quality product. Lastly, it seems as though everyone manufactures bluetooth headset devices. The VP recoginized that I was using dated technology, and graciously packaged a serious upgrade to my transmitter(AT 210) and headset (BT 250v). Both devices worked as expected/advertised. I am quite pleased.

Rest assured I will never say anything bad about Jabra. My next letter will be to the Sr. VP of Global Marketing for Palm One...

Posted by AG at April 25, 2006 2:29 AM