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February 15, 2006

Special needs pupils

We now of gups again, albeit just one white belt. I have lamented on the demise of our school, as we are so top heavy (ie. lots of black belts). I had the honor of spending time with one of our newest students. I was told that he has a learning disability, but after working with him, I really believe that he's going to be just fine. While I have no experience with teaching special needs students, I do know that I will not treat him any differently. I'll break down the hyungs, so that he can easily learn them. Repetition will be the order of the day. Obviously, I'll inject my singular wit to lighten the mood.

We worked on middle(choong dan mahkee) punches, high(sang dan mahkee) and low(ha dan mahkee) blocks. We will work on some kicking techniques during our next class. The new student came with his father who also happens to be a 1st Dan, so we are getting more students. Definitely, quite encouraging. Our school simply cannot survive with a bunch of black belts and no Gups.

Posted by AG at February 15, 2006 2:04 AM