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September 2, 2005

Katrina - Disdain for mainstream media

Actually, I had other material to share with you, but as I have been home enjoying myself. I have also taken a walk down memory lane too. More on this later. However, I am compelled to comment on the devastation, and what I classify as poor and despicable media coverage of the events in New Orleans. As most of you have already witnessed, there is a great deal of poverty in the rural sections of NO. What I find disturbing is the constant images of the looting and pillaging. Naturally, they paint the image of poor blacks on a rampage. What is NOT told is the story of destitude and hopelessness of a people with no way out. Personally, I would do whatever is necessary to feed my family. If I thought I could make money of a flat screen TV, it would be under my arm with a quickness. The reality here is that no calvary was on the way to help anyone in the rural communities or the inner-city.

Some people have decided to draw parallels between the Tsunami that struck SE Asia and parts of Africa. I have no idea of the death toll in NO, suffice to say that it will be quite substantial. Additionally, I would also suspect that looting took place in SE Asia too. The difference is that the US media constantly denigrates black people. What is not shared with the masses is the goodwill that is going on, and the cooperation of the residence in the area.

I have had it with mainstream media, this is one of the reasons why the blogosphere is so important, as I believe people need to see and understand the counterpoint. Here are some images that I gleened from the flickrati community. No, you won't see these images on your local news because there isn't enough high drama. Not good enough for false TV ratings and bullshit.

I've also included the relevant technorati metadata for your review. If you really want sensible information on the regarding the relief efforts and citizens of the NO, you really aren't going to get it from FOX or the other blood sucking networks. If you don't find any of the information that I've shared compelling, then continue to watch channel zero and keep your third-eye closed.

Update:Audio of WWL-AM interview with New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin. Must listen.

I recently spoke to a group of NYPD plainclothes, and I was told that a volunteer police force will be sent to NO, to help support the security detail.

Posted by AG at September 2, 2005 6:42 PM