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August 29, 2005


Since I've been home, I've had the pleasure of eating dinner with pops and also spending time with some of my uncles in Q-Boro. It's actually pretty comical to be around these guys. My oldest uncle is a World War II veteran who lost most of his hearing many years ago. He now is forced to wear woefully inadequate hearing aids. I have found that it can be quite challenging to have a normal conversation with him. Recently he asked me to increase the volume on his cell phone headset. I noticed that his Nokia headset was quite outdated. As I looked at the headset, it became painfully obvious that there was no intuitive means to increase the volume. So, I told him that the volume was already at its highest setting. Truth be told, my dear uncle really needs a better set of hearing aids.

A few years ago, I suggested the Miracle Ear, but it fell upon on deaf ears (pun intended). I also made the suggestion to his adult children, but they either didn't believe it necessary or did not wish to finance it. I don't know which case is more true. I currently live in another state, so I'm probably not the best person to force the issue. So I simply left it alone.

So anytime we speak with the eldest uncle, much effort is used to get your point across. Both of my uncles are ordained ministers and have many years of experience.

During our rare dinner together, I made sure that I told them that I greatly enjoy spending time together. As I get older, I realize that nothing is guaranteed, so it is wise to appreciate quality time with family.

Posted by AG at August 29, 2005 3:05 PM