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August 13, 2005

Black Zombies (revisited)

By now everyone should recognize that the youth are our future. Regardless of what the future happens to unfold, that generation will inherit it. I'm reminded that too many of our youth are confused and troubled. Last weekend, I spent a few moments talking to one of the young girls on the block near my tenants. The young girl was probably fifteen and was on Summer recess.

When I asked her about goals and aspirations, after high school, she talked about hanging out at the mall with her girlfriends. I asked her if she ever thought about going away to college. Her response was that I she never considered it. While I know that exposure and lack of role models are partly responsible for her dismal outlook, I'm very dissapointed because she happens to be one of the 'good' kids on the block. It seems that she is being raised by her aunt. There doesn't seem to be much parental support or guidance. Very distressing indeed.

I cannot stress enough that educating our young girls is paramount to saving our nation.

Posted by AG at August 13, 2005 3:57 AM