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August 11, 2005

Tang Soo Do chronicles

Well I've been pre-occupied playing super nerd of late, I converted an old IBM Aptiva (AMD K6.2 300Mhz CPU) desktop, running win98, into a more fileserver running stable Debian Sarge. I also was asked to upgrade an older HP Pavilion running WinME to XP. Ran into a ridiculous Outlook Express messages restore problem. You gotta love M$ proprietary .dbx format. What a PITA. What can I say? Computing is my passion, and it keeps extra loot in my pockets.

Anyway, I digress. Actually, computers are not my only passion. Most of you already know that I'm an avid martial artist, specifically World Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do(pronounced 'Tung not Tang'). Unfortunately, I've not been able to train with the same vigor as I would like because of my arduous grad school schedule. Nonetheless, I have been working out once per week. Now that Summer classes have ended I'm back on my three times per week work out schedule. Additonally, I do enjoy visiting other schools to supplement my learning. My instructors have begun to scrutinize my basics for proper execution and focus.

Of particular note is my tolliyo chagi (aka roundhouse kick), as it can be very powerful when executed properly. However, I never seem to point the knee correctly to attack the target at the proper angle. Moreover, I have pronated feet, so striking with the ball of the foot can be challenging too.
Nonetheless, I have never had any problems with breaking. As usual, I will continue to work at it.

If all goes well, I should be eligible for 2nd Dan in October. So, I really need to intensify my training, so that I can achieve the desired results. Ironically, I do not feel the same anxiety that I experienced prior to my 1st Dan exam. There was a tremendous amount of anticipation and nervous, but positive energy. I was immensely, pleased and very high on achievement after the testing was complete.

I suppose as the exam date approaches, I will again become 'amped' and the nervousness will again return.

Posted by AG at August 11, 2005 12:36 AM